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Peripher Desk Clock Evolved, 2010

Peripher Desk Clock is an attempt to allow people working in a “flow” state, to get information in their peripheral vision about the time, without having to break their concentration and look up at a clock.  The goal of the Peripher Desk Clock is not to be able to tell precise time to the minute, but rather to get a general idea of what part of the hour it is.

The graphic is simple yet effective. The number of the hour is on the left, and the number of the next hour is on the right.  A white bar fills from left to right as the hour passes.

In the picture below, it is about 3:05 in the afternoon:


This prototype used a ceiling mounted overhead projector that was aimed down at the desk.  An important feature of the clock is that no matter how cluttered the desk gets in this state of creativity, the clock always stays on top, never obstructed:


Flash ActionScript makes the projection possible:

Follow the link to see the current time in Peripher desk form.