Jack Eric Grossman

Interaction and Product Design

Passive Agressive: Dystopian Future

This Art installation will be on display at Stanford sometime in 2011.

Excerpt from Wikipedia in 2035″

“In 2011, two Stanford students invented a firearm to render traditional revolvers obsolete. Inspired by Russian Roulette, their firearm allowed users to input the odds that the gun would fire. Sales flourished among thrill-seekers who would set the odds dangerously low in hopes of fame and fortune. Such stunts spun into a variety of game shows broadcast over the Internet. By this time, the firearms were cloud-connected and their odds of firing could be set remotely.

What started as controversial game shows to resolve minor domestic disputes (for example, in the show The Scarlet Number (2015-2019) an adulterous spouse would give reasons for her or his infidelity and viewers would vote on the appropriate odds of execution) quickly gained acceptance as a more just and democratic system of law. The system now provides prompt and inexpensive justice for most of the world’s population. At the time of writing, the average odds of execution are 1 in 1.6062 for murder, 1 in 212.33 for grand theft auto, and 1 in 12,234 for petty theft.

Given the worldwide success of this system, we propose repurposing this system to the fight against our dwindling natural resources. The apparatus at your right demonstrates the functionality of this system. Each time you consume a resource (represented by candy), your odds of execution (represented by a balloon popping) increases. We hope that this will foster greater frugality and respect for the scarcity of our natural resources.”



Needle retracted.


Needle engaged.

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