Jack Eric Grossman

Interaction and Product Design

Redefining the Cantor Art Museum Experience

This two-week group project was a design intervention in MKTG 555: Designing Happiness, in the Stanford Graduate School of Business, led by Professor Jennifer Aaker.  The class takes scientific research on happiness and applies it to organizations, proving that there is ROI on spending that improve company culture.

We studied the Cantor Art Museum on Stanford campus and found design solutions to bring happiness to all aspects of the organization–patrons, donors, employees, curators, even security guards.  Follow link to full report PDF.

The following are sample slides:

Mapping the Cantor stakeholder’s interactions.  Note the curators have little to no contact with the patrons to see which exhibits are actually enjoyed.

Part of the timeline of the entire museum experience.

We interviewed Daphne, a regular, to learn more about the museum patrons.  She enjoyed the quiet weekdays, when she could let her toddler walk around the exhibit.

Some design solutions inspired by our talk with Daphne.

Interview of the gift shop cashier.

View full report PDF

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