Jack Eric Grossman

Interaction and Product Design

Porsche Sales Data Visualization

Graphic design assignment.  Data wheel of Porsche sales of the past decade plotting with a timeline of significant events.  Note that this is a graphic design assignment and some sales data was estimated.

Tesla Model S – Battery Module Engineering

On Dorian West’s Battery Engineering team at Tesla, I helped with the mechanical design of the Model S Battery Module.model-s-signature-red-motion_960x640

Modules contain the Panasonic 18650 battery cells and 12 Modules make up the Battery Pack.  The pack is a structural component of the car and sees demanding thermal and vibrational constraints.

ModelS_pack01Tesla Model S liquid cooled Battery Pack.


Individual cells connect in parallel to collector plates.  The thin wire-bond is an elegant, patented Tesla design that acts as a fuse if there is a cell fault. (Note that this image and information is public knowledge taken from http://www.teslamotorsclub.com)



Preparing for the launch of Model S.


Speedform 2008

Speedforms are sculptural abstractions of vehicles that indicate direction and speed. This six week project was to design, sculpt, and paint a symmetrical speedform in clay. Speedform 2008 was featured in Art Center’s TSC Student Gallery.

Visit Speedform 2008 Microsite

Visit Speedform 2008 Microsite

Audi R8 Digital Painting 2009

This digital painting of the Audi R8 is 565 photoshop layers.

Click here to see the process.

2020 Nissan Surtir Concept

This 3rd term project at Art Center reversed the typical notion of escaping into nature on the weekends, creating a vehicle designed for rural dwellers who enjoy venturing INTO the city.  In Spanish, Surtir means to replenish.  Presenting the 2020 Nissan Surtir, the CUV for families who explore the urban jungle.  Escape into the city.

Sketch that was inspiration for vehicle:

Package Drawing:

Surtir Package Drawing PDF

Buyer Profile:

Interior Concept:

Board of Surtir Interior Design

2010 Organic E: An Aesthetic Auto Motive Study

Assignment for Stanford Program in Design Art 360: Spheres of interest.

2010 Organic E: An Aesthetic Automotive Study

Matte card-stock and laster paper, 1/10th scale.  Mirrored for symmetry.

This formgiving exercise explored formgiving as a biological growth with simple rules and building blocks combining to literally “grow” the form from the wheels to the propulsion and passenger area.  As in natural evolution, I hypothesize that iterating this process will eventually arrive at maximum efficiency design where both surfacing and proportion are completely following function .

I started by creating the wheels and placing them on the grid in the proper wheelbase position. from here, the vehicle grew using 1 of 3 basic elements: a leaf like strip with a score and bend.  A thin strip capable of twisting, and a compound bend element.  The compound bend elements were the least common and used mainly as larger, structural pieces.

As the design progressed, I noticed that I was using a very “natural” process to find where to reinforce.  I would shake wheel in my hand and glue a reinforcing piece where the structure flexed the most, effectively strengthening the weakest link.  This “natural” process built rigidity with efficiency.

Canson Renderings

Quick ideation vehicle sketches, Marker, Prismacolor, on colored Canson, in the style that Syd Mead made famous.

Auto Union Type C Digital Painting

Auto Union Type C. Photoshop CS4 digital painting using Wacom Tablet. 520 Layers.

2008 Treaded Vehicle

Art Center’s class Study Models studies how to build rapid, high-fidelity models from foam, foam-core, paper, and plastics.  This is a fifth-scale model of a snow mobile completed in two weeks.  The model is made of foamcore, poster board and some found PVC plumbing adaptors.  Visit the microsite to see the design process, construction process, and more photos.

Visit the microsite.

Sling Chute

Personal Statement Stanford Graduate Program in Design, December 2010

Sling Chute.  A Dream of Transport in the 21 Century.

Digital Renderings in Photoshop  Displayed on projector surface with acrylic laser cut title plaque.

The Display on Personal Statement night.

Title Plaque

The Making Of.





Working on city renderings in Photoshop.

Acrylic cutting for the plaque.