Jack Eric Grossman

Interaction and Product Design

The 2008 Dow Plotted Against Blogger Feelings

Data visualization project for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business class Designing Happiness.  Using Python programming language, my team parsed over 50,000 blog entries from 2008 and counted happy, sad, and neutral comments.  I coded the visualization in Processing.

Testing the theory that money can’t buy happiness, we set out to see if the blogs would become more negative in October.  Click below to find out in the animation.

View the animation.  Note: Google Chrome does not support animation.

Full process documentation:

Tesla Model S – Battery Module Engineering

On Dorian West’s Battery Engineering team at Tesla, I helped with the mechanical design of the Model S Battery Module.model-s-signature-red-motion_960x640

Modules contain the Panasonic 18650 battery cells and 12 Modules make up the Battery Pack.  The pack is a structural component of the car and sees demanding thermal and vibrational constraints.

ModelS_pack01Tesla Model S liquid cooled Battery Pack.


Individual cells connect in parallel to collector plates.  The thin wire-bond is an elegant, patented Tesla design that acts as a fuse if there is a cell fault. (Note that this image and information is public knowledge taken from http://www.teslamotorsclub.com)



Preparing for the launch of Model S.


Peripher Desk Clock Evolved, 2010

Peripher Desk Clock is an attempt to allow people working in a “flow” state, to get information in their peripheral vision about the time, without having to break their concentration and look up at a clock.  The goal of the Peripher Desk Clock is not to be able to tell precise time to the minute, but rather to get a general idea of what part of the hour it is.

The graphic is simple yet effective. The number of the hour is on the left, and the number of the next hour is on the right.  A white bar fills from left to right as the hour passes.

In the picture below, it is about 3:05 in the afternoon:


This prototype used a ceiling mounted overhead projector that was aimed down at the desk.  An important feature of the clock is that no matter how cluttered the desk gets in this state of creativity, the clock always stays on top, never obstructed:


Flash ActionScript makes the projection possible:

Follow the link to see the current time in Peripher desk form.

2009 Bow Lamp: Swan

Visit the Bow Lamp: Swan Microsite.

This Desk lamp is made of bent plywood and uses the location of a linearly sliding weight to adjust the height of the light, as well as turn it on and off.  Please visit the Bow Lamp: Swan Microsite to learn about the build process and view the photo gallery.

Visit the Bow Lamp: Swan Microsite.

Passive Agressive: Dystopian Future

This Art installation will be on display at Stanford sometime in 2011.

Excerpt from Wikipedia in 2035″

“In 2011, two Stanford students invented a firearm to render traditional revolvers obsolete. Inspired by Russian Roulette, their firearm allowed users to input the odds that the gun would fire. Sales flourished among thrill-seekers who would set the odds dangerously low in hopes of fame and fortune. Such stunts spun into a variety of game shows broadcast over the Internet. By this time, the firearms were cloud-connected and their odds of firing could be set remotely.

What started as controversial game shows to resolve minor domestic disputes (for example, in the show The Scarlet Number (2015-2019) an adulterous spouse would give reasons for her or his infidelity and viewers would vote on the appropriate odds of execution) quickly gained acceptance as a more just and democratic system of law. The system now provides prompt and inexpensive justice for most of the world’s population. At the time of writing, the average odds of execution are 1 in 1.6062 for murder, 1 in 212.33 for grand theft auto, and 1 in 12,234 for petty theft.

Given the worldwide success of this system, we propose repurposing this system to the fight against our dwindling natural resources. The apparatus at your right demonstrates the functionality of this system. Each time you consume a resource (represented by candy), your odds of execution (represented by a balloon popping) increases. We hope that this will foster greater frugality and respect for the scarcity of our natural resources.”



Needle retracted.


Needle engaged.