Jack Eric Grossman

Interaction and Product Design
Digital Painting

Audi R8 Digital Painting 2009

This digital painting of the Audi R8 is 565 photoshop layers.

Click here to see the process.

2020 Nissan Surtir Concept

This 3rd term project at Art Center reversed the typical notion of escaping into nature on the weekends, creating a vehicle designed for rural dwellers who enjoy venturing INTO the city.  In Spanish, Surtir means to replenish.  Presenting the 2020 Nissan Surtir, the CUV for families who explore the urban jungle.  Escape into the city.

Sketch that was inspiration for vehicle:

Package Drawing:

Surtir Package Drawing PDF

Buyer Profile:

Interior Concept:

Board of Surtir Interior Design

Auto Union Type C Digital Painting

Auto Union Type C. Photoshop CS4 digital painting using Wacom Tablet. 520 Layers.

Sling Chute

Personal Statement Stanford Graduate Program in Design, December 2010

Sling Chute.  A Dream of Transport in the 21 Century.

Digital Renderings in Photoshop  Displayed on projector surface with acrylic laser cut title plaque.

The Display on Personal Statement night.

Title Plaque

The Making Of.





Working on city renderings in Photoshop.

Acrylic cutting for the plaque.